With 80% of women experiencing menopausal hot flushes, Menthoderm provides instant cool


During menopause, many women will struggle with undesirable symptoms and health measures, due to hormonal imbalances. This can result in hot flushes, night sweats, irritability, sleep disruption, low energy and mood changes. Women will also often notice changes to their hair, nails and skin, which can be difficult to cope with, both physically and emotionally.

Enter Menthoderm. This fast-acting, skin-soother may help women take back control and maintain the health of their skin during this often difficult transitional time. Using the power of Menthol to soothe and potentially bring relief to irritated, itchy and hot skin.


How can Menthoderm help?

Manage hot flushes

Hot flushes create a sudden feeling of heat that spreads throughout the body, causing the skin to become red, hot and sweaty. Regular occurrences can be overwhelming, but Menthoderm cream provides a trusted remedy, with cooling properties that could help women manage hot flushes. Liberal application to the nape of the neck may help to calm and alleviate the sensation of over-heating, quickly overriding any unwanted symptoms!

Ditch dry skin

Diminishing oestrogen levels plays havoc on our skin during the menopause, as the body slows down production of skin-smoothing collagen and triggers a decrease in natural oils, which can lead to dry, thin and itchy skin. The natural cooling properties of menthol Menthoderm cream may act as your skin-soothing savior.

What makes Menthoderm stand out?

Menthoderm is rich in ‘hero ingredient’, Menthol, which has an instant soothing sensation when applied. Menthol is an organic, plant-derived compound, obtained from peppermint, corn mint, or mint oils.  Rather than lowering the temperature of the skin, its unique cooling effect works by blocking the calcium current along the nerves responsible for detecting temperature. The nerve endings translate a message to the brain that the skin is cooling, so this effect can effectively help to alleviate heat from the skin and aid in calming the area.

Menthoderm is fast becoming a much-loved skin savior, recommended by nurses, dermatologists and doctors, to help support those suffering from overheated, dry and itchy skin, including the menopause.

“Itchy skin can be devastating for patients, so it is really helpful to have a moisturising cream which contains menthol (Menthoderm), which is cooling, soothing and helps to provide some relief for many patients.” – Professor Anthony Bewley, Consultant Dermatologist

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