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At Derma UK we are committed to supporting Dermatology not only through our portfolio of trusted brands but through resources and education. In the Education Resources section, you can catch up on our latest educational webinars after they have taken place and receive CPD certificates, issued by the British Dermatological Nursing Group.

The practical management of Psoriasis

Fiona Elliott, Dermatology Nurse Consultant, Leeds led the first Derma UK webinar in a series of webinars in partnership with the British Dermatological Nursing Group. Going back to basics: The practical management of Psoriasis with Fiona Elliott, Dermatology Nurse Consultant, Leeds is suitable for any healthcare professional with an interest in dermatology, psoriasis, or other inflammatory skin conditions.

With the increase in dermatological conditions presenting, particularly in primary care, Fiona Elliott discusses the practical management of Psoriasis.

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