Derma UK is dedicated to the health of the body’s largest single organ – the skin.

Derma UK formed in 2001 with the ongoing goal of helping to maintain the availability of dermatological products that would otherwise have become unavailable due to production cost implications.

We at Derma UK recognise that Healthcare Professionals require a choice when it comes to treating individual dermatological problems, and it is our aim to help maintain that choice for many years to come.

Menthoderm: the newest addition to the Derma UK portfolio.

Derma UK are proud to announce the launch of Menthoderm, an Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free menthol in aqueous cream which may be used to cool and soothe the itching and irritation associated with dry skin conditions. Menthoderm has a unique formula, with two preservatives, providing double protection, to help reduce potential cross contamination. This unique formula is gentle on all types of skin and is suitable for most age groups*.

The Menthoderm range includes two pack sizes, 100g tubes and 500g pots, which are available in the following three essential strengths:

  • 0.5% – For children (2-12yrs) and elderly patients
  • 1% – For general adult use
  • 2% – For general adult use with an enhanced effect

* Should only be used on infants below 2 years under the direction of a clinician.

These options offer more choice to the patient and better value for money than other topical menthol cream products on the market.

There are also greater savings for pharmacy if dispensed against a generic prescription.

All pack sizes will be available from late February 2017, for over the counter sales and prescription fulfilment. To request your free sample pack, please click here.

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