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Derma UK was formed in 2001 with the purpose of providing cost effective solutions to common dermatological conditions and ultimately creating a better quality of life for the patient.

Skin conditions are the most common reason why patients consult their GP – accounting for 24% of all GP appointments (Skin Conditions in the UK, HCNA 2009).

Due to the fact that the majority of dermatological problems are not life threatening, research funding is often not directed towards improving the treatments. As a consequence of this, many multi-national companies do not see dermatology as a key therapeutic focus and concentrate their efforts in more financially rewarding areas.

At Derma UK, we see things differently. With over 5 decades of management experience in the field of dermatology, we recognise the importance of having a choice of products available in order for doctors to tailor treatments to individuals’ conditions. Our team is keen to actively engage with the NHS, its subsidiary organisations and private practice in order to provide healthier skin for all.

Everybody’s skin is different and healthcare professionals require the widest possible selection of effective treatment to be tailored to the individual. Derma UK actively searches to acquire and develop cherished dermatological brands to ensure that patients can continue to benefit from a range of proven products.

Derma UK consists of a skilled and dedicated team of staff, based at our head office in the bustling city of Newcastle, located along the Quayside in the Toffee Factory. We work closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers and buying groups to ensure continuous development and supply of our product portfolio. In addition to this, we employ a specialist dermatology sales and marketing team, for the promotion of our products throughout the UK.

We also work closely with patient support groups and healthcare professional bodies such as the British Dermatological Nursing Group.

Our mission is to support education in our specialist area of dermatology and to ensure our products continue to meet the needs of our patients and customers.