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Ultrabase® is an emollient cream which may be used for a wide variety of dry skin conditions.

Product Indication

Ultrabase® is an emollient cream which may be used for a wide variety of dry skin conditions.Ultrabase infographic button

Ultrabase® is available in a convenient airless pump
The 500g pump dispenser covers small and large areas and is suitable for frequent application.

How to use Ultrabase®

  • Ultrabase® should be smoothed onto the skin as often as needed.

Where to obtain Ultrabase®

  • Ultrabase® can be purchased from sk1n.co.uk or ordered from your local pharmacy and is also available on prescription.

Product Information:

For full details about Ultrabase®, please refer to the Patient Information Leaflet below.

Due to regulatory changes, the content of the Patient Information Leaflet below (Revised April 2019) may vary from the one found in your medicine pack. Please compare the ‘Leaflet prepared/revised date’ towards the end of the leaflet in your pack, with the date on the document below, to establish if there have been any changes.

If you have any queries about your medication, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.


Pack Sizes

500g pump

Active Ingredients

White Soft Paraffin 10% w/w

Adverse Effects

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk. Adverse events should also be reported to Derma UK on +44 (0)191 375 9020

Certificate of Authenticity

COVID-19 :
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