Cookie Policy

Derma UK Ltd is committed to the privacy of individuals using this website. The site does not collect any personal information about those using this site, however we do use cookies to analyse the server log files, which contain details of the Internet address (IP address) of computers using the site, pages looked at, the times of day and the type of web browser used. None of this information is linked to individuals. Below is a list of the cookies we use to gather this information.

Cookie Name Purpose 1st/3rd Persistent / Non Persistent More Information Expires
_UTMZ Google Analytics – tracks user information 1st Persistent Extracts the following information- where the visitor came from, what search engine they used, what link they clicked on, what keyword they used and where in the world they accessed a website. 6 months
_UTMA Google Analytics – tracks  the number of visits the user makes to the site 1st Persistent Keeps track of the number of times a visitor has been to the site, when their first visit and last visits were 2 years
_UTMC Google Analytics – tracks when the user leaves site 1st Persistent Works with UTMB_ to determine how long the visitor spends on the site 30 minutes
_UTMB Google Analytics – tracks when the user enters site 1st Non Persistent Works with UTMC_ to determine how long the visitor spends on the site End of session
Pro Knows the visitor is a “professional” and allows access to “professional” information 1st Non Persistent Once the visitor has ticked a box to say they are a professional, this cookie enables them to see restricted information for professionals.