Product Indication

KELO-COTE® UV is a patented topical silicone gel for the management and prevention of excessive scars, such as hypertrophic and keloid scars.

It has been shown to flatten, soften and smooth scars, relieve itching and discomfort, as well as reduce the discoloration associated with scarring.

KELO-COTE® with SPF 30 was specifically developed to protect new and old scars from the aggravating effects of the sun, by preventing sun-induced redness and hyper-pigmentation while improving overall appearance.

This unique technology allows the gel to self-dry and form a flexible, breathable, waterproof layer that binds to the outer layer of skin, providing hydration and protection to the scar.


How to Use KELO-COTE® UV:

  • Ensure that affected area is clean and dry.
  • Apply evenly in a thin layer 30 minutes before sun exposure and allow to dry
  • Apply KELO-COTE® twice daily
  • Once dry, cosmetics may be applied.
  • Keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight.
  • Recommended minimum treatment time is 60-90 days. Larger and older scars may take longer and continued use is recommended if improvement is still seen after the initial 90 days.

Where to obtain KELO-COTE® UV:

KELO-COTE® can be bought at a local pharmacy and is also available on prescription

Pack Sizes


Active Ingredients

Polysiloxanes, Silicone Dioxide

Adverse Effects

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at Adverse events should also be reported to Derma UK on +44 (0)191 375 9020

Certificate of Authenticity

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